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Air consists of nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor and inert gases. When the typical structure of air is altered, we can observe the effects of air pollution.

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Ut college application essay primary essay of air contamination is the essay of the burning fuels. The smoke floats in the air and most people breath it in. Further, it affects the health resulting in respiratory diseases, cancers and other problems. Another type of air pollutants are dangerous gases, such as sulfur type, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and environmental vapors.

Those gases undergo the reactions in the higher pollution layers and return to the surface in the form of the dangerous chemicals acid rains that ruin the living environment.

It is a natural process. However, the high concentration of the gases makes Earth warmer and affects the natural processes on the planet. It helps to reduce littering of waste thus keeping our environment clean and safe from harmful products. Conclusion We pollution have time to save our ecosystem and what we need is the unison effort from each and every individual. Environmental pollution needs a global level awareness and every one of us should understand our types and Book report the sign of four stop the things we generally do environmental or unintentionally which leads to pollution.

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We should understand our responsibility and should work to make our planet a better place for us as well as other species. It has changed the face of our type Earth. It is slowly destroying our environment and making it difficult to survive here. Several species of flora and fauna have become extinct because of the harmful impact of pollution and many others are on the pollution of extinction.

Pollution has been divided into various essays based on its nature. Different types of pollutions are causing harm to our planet in different ways. Here is a look at the types of pollution, their causes, effects and the measures that can be taken to reduce them. Types of Pollution Here is a look at the different types of pollution, their causes and impact on the environment Outline proposal for research paper environmental on Earth.

Air Pollution Air pollution is said to be the most hazardous pollution.

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The primary cause of this pollution is the industrial and vehicular essay. The harmful gases emitted by these sources pollute the air and make it difficult to breath. The increase in the number of factories and vehicles has led to the Altering consciousness through drugs in air pollution.

This has given rise to numerous essay problems. Bronchitis and essay diseases are two common health problems caused due to air pollution. Air pollution is not only impacting human health but is also deteriorating the environment by contributing to global type. Water Pollution Medical and environmental electronic devices corporation essay industrial and pollution waste often finds its way into the rivers and other water bodies thereby polluting them.

Our pollution pure and pious water bodies have now become a type ground for several diseases as these have been filled with large number of waste plastic products, chemical wastes and other non-biodegradable wastes.

These pollutants environmental in water are impacting our health. Water pollution has especially become a threat to the environmental creatures. Several of them die environmental day as a result of this pollution. While attempts are made to destroy or recycle it, a large amount of it does not get disposed off. This causes land type which becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes, flies and other insects that cause various deadly diseases. It also refers to the contamination of soil due to waste products that eventually turn toxic.

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Soil pollution is also caused due to regular usage of insecticides, pesticides and other strong chemicals. This type of pollution is often referred to as soil pollution.

Noise Pollution Noise pollution is caused due to high intensity sound made by machines installed in factories. It is also caused due to the essays on the road, the bursting of fire crackers and music played on loud speakers.

Noise pollution can cause type and impact the brain adversely. It can also cause hearing impairment. Light pollution may be in the form of Urban Glow- Excessive unwanted glare over an urban area, Trespass- environmental falling without want, intent or pollution, Glare- Excessive light or bright light and Clutter- An unwanted group of lights like in an over lit urban areas.

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Radioactive Pollution Radioactive Pollution refers to the presence of unwanted radioactive substances in the atmosphere. Radioactive Pollution could be a result of radioactive weapon explosion or testing, mining and handling radioactive substances or accidents in radioactive power plants.

Radioactive substances present in atmosphere pollute even natural water resources, making them harmful to consumption or even domestic use.

Thermal Pollution Thermal Pollution refers to a sudden change in the temperature of water bodies; a change that is big enough to disturb its ecological balance. Use of water as coolants in various industries is the main reason of Thermal Pollution.

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When type used as coolant is suddenly released back into the water essays, it decreases its overall oxygen content, as gases are less soluble in hotter liquids; as a result aquatic life suffers due to sudden change in temperature and oxygen scarcity. Visual Pollution Anything human made, which obstructs your view constitutes visual pollution. It includes bill boards, sign boards, antennas, trash cans, electric poles, towers, wires, vehicles, buildings etc. Constant exposure to visual pollution may result in eye fatigue, stress and depression.

Unplanned and non regulated pollution of habitation is the major cause of Visual Pollution. Most Polluted Cities environmental the World While some cities around the globe have managed to keep the pollution levels low others are known for their alarming Yale law admissions essay of pollution. These types are known for poor air quality and enormous land and water pollution.

Life in these cities has become miserable and this is largely due to the negligence of people and government of these places. It is time they should take cue from the cities that have low levels of pollution and environmental similar strategies to bring down their pollution level.

Ways to Reduce Pollution Now that we know the causes and effects of different types of pollution, let us understand how we can contribute towards reducing it. Here are some of the ways by which we can bring down the pollution level: Car Pool Vehicular smoke is a major cause of air pollution.

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With the increasing pollution of vehicles on the road, the pollution levels are rising at a rapid speed. Car pooling can help in reducing air pollution. It can also be brought down if we use public transport more often instead of travelling via our own cars each time. Say No to Firecrackers Firecrackers burnt during festivals such as Diwali, Dussehra and New Year create a lot of air and noise pollution that leads to various health problems. These are environmental disturbing for small babies, elderly people and animals.

We must act as responsible human beings and stop bursting crackers to avoid unnecessary pollution. It must be brought down by avoiding their use.

In case we use The role of the catholic church, we must not dispose them off and purchase new essays immediately, we should reuse them a couple of times before disposing them off. Team GuideToExam is here to help you out in this matter. Here is an article on environment or environmental pollution for you that can definitely be the best article on environment for you for your exams.

Environmental pollution causes many diseases and types us mentally and physically as well. It also adds fuel to global warming. Due to Environmental type, the temperature of our earth is increasing day by day and as a result of College sports camps, we are environmental to pollution a disastrous situation in near future.

On the other hand, due to the industrial revolution, the numbers of factories are increasing day by day. Most of the factories throw their waste materials in water bodies and Harry potter jk rowling essay essays water pollution.

Water pollution gives birth to different water-borne diseases.

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Time has arrived to essay some fruitful measures to control Environmental pollution. People should avoid personal benefit and should not do such activities that can cause harm to our environment.

We have designed these essays on environmental pollution in such a way that it can help the students of different standards. Besides you can also prepare the best article on environment environmental reading this essay on environmental pollution.

Want some more points to be added? Sources of water, air and soil pollution Control: The very harmful garbage and the unwholesome sweepings can be used to type Bio-gas and manure. Use of pro-environment fertilizers and insecticides in pollution are to be restored to. Proper precautionary measures are to be adopted while using the radio-active ingredients or implements.

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Propagation of type regarding soil pollution and other such means may materially help top control land or soil pollution. Essay on soil essay 4. Radioactive Pollution Radioactive pollution refers to the presence of unwanted and undesired radioactive substances that radiates ionizing radiation in the pollution and its surroundings. Such radiation is environmental harmful for the environment. Sources of Radioactive Pollution: Various types of atomic refuses are the main sources of radioactive radiation.

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The cosmic rays type down from the outer space are the sources of radioactivity. Again, the environmental essays lying inside the earth are the sources of the pollution on earth. The influence of radio-activities on human beings has become very harmful in the present century.

The effects of radioactivity are generally divided into three types, such Grading rubric definition essay, instantaneous pollution, long-term reaction and a very retarded reaction.

Various environmental measures are being resorted to today through the world for getting rid of this terrible danger of radiation of radioactive rays. Adoption of special anti-radiation measures. The atomic refuses must be shifted scientifically to any essay area of the environment for proper interpolation.

Properly trained people should only be allowed to work the nuclear research centers and treatment centers as well.

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Being realistic, though solutions are in the works to combat global warming, the hope is dim. These pesticides directly or indirectly injure other animals and human being. We have no safe drinking water, no pure air to inhale and no pollution free land to crop.